This is a hearty,delicious substantial pie, filled with all the goodness of life. Really.

What is better for a Saturday breakfast or as part of a brunch repertoire? What beats nice crispy bacon and perectly seasoned eggs combined with the buttery,flaky goodness that is puff pastry?…. What? You can’t answer that can you? Now imagine the aforementioned all in one single bite. Bliss. Heaven. Nirvana.

Okay,let’s stop imagining and let’s get cooking so we can experience this petit mort, immediatement ….non?





Start by rolling out your Puff pastry. you can use thawed out ready bought pastry or you can use this Perfect Puff Pastry recipe.






Drape it over your pie dish as shown. I like to use the disposable foil pans when I can as they easily go from microwave to freezer to table.


Trim off the excess and use the tines of a fork to lovingly pierce the base of the pie..we shall be baking this blind, so that once we put in the liquid filling it doesn’t go all soggy and eeeww.


Cover with foil or use baking beans and bake. Meanwhile,prepare the filling ingredients; Season the eggs with salt,pepper and garlic powder/paste. and beat together with cream,add in the bacon. You may add herbs, if you so wish, I kept mine simple.

There, now this is ready for the oven.



Et Voilá.



Don’t let the humble unassuming look fool you. Lemme tell you a story about my ex.  he had this juvenile game he liked to play,where when he was mad for whatever reason he would give the silent treatment…that ish drives me up the wall!! GRRRR!

So anywho I made him this pie one time when he was having one of his cold war moments…and the weirdest thing happened after he had taken a bite.

He smiled.

And amid moaning and groaning and swallowing..he asked ”What is this?” Needless to say this individual who had been cold and unassuming and emotionally closed off for over a fortnight,thawed considerably…

What I am saying folks is that this Quiche can bridge gaps and stop wars and bring about World Peace.





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